Cruises expeditions

Imagine the romance of drifting down a river, past ancient monuments and intriguing villages or sailing through epic, timeless landscapes; exploring some of the most incredible cultural and historical sites in the world.

FRANCE: Barging through Champagne, Burgundy, Provence and Languedoc-Roussillon with the exclusive and romantic barges of Belmond is a top experience for very Important Clients. Book an entire barge (or two in tandem) for exclusive use, or simply sail with us on a per-cabin basis. It is a great way to experience a different and unique vacation that is ideal for wine lovers and refined guests looking for memorable service and outstanding food.

EGYPT: A Nile cruise is one of life’s epic journeys and we offer only the best selection of cruise itineraries on the Nile. Be inspired and imagine the romance of drifting down the Nile, visiting ancient monuments and intriguing villages and sailing through epic, timeless landscapes. Egypt is one of the most incredible cultural and historical sites in the world.

MYANMAR: Discover the breath-taking beauty of the great rivers of Myanmar. Cruise from Bagan to Mandalay visiting temples, pagodas, palaces and monasteries along the way. If you have more days you can also explore the Chindwin river that take you to places visitors rarely see – through the jungles of the north, forgotten villages, ancient towns almost to the Indian border. Epic journey. Belmond Road to Mandalay and Orcaella are our iconic choices for this outstanding destination.

CHINA: The Sanctuary Yangzi Explorer introduces a new standard of cruising in China. Image the romance of drifting down the Yangzi, sailing through timeless and intriguing landscapes.

KOMODO & RAJA AMBAT EXPEDITIONS: 40,000 square kilometers of unparalleled marine life and thousands of islands, cays and shoals cloaked in tropical jungle. We have a selection of top cruises to explore this incredible remote area of the world for a real expedition in style! We are sure to exceed your expectations!

ANTARTICA: Set foot on the seventh continent and bring home incredible memories from this adventure. Antartica is a remote magical place that will greet you with its awe-inspiring beauty. See peaceful bays dotted with colossal icebergs; cruise along fjords and see massive glaciers. Take stunning photographs.

VIETNAM & CAMBOGIA: We have selected the Aqua Mekong ultra-luxury river cruise, featuring sixteen 250 square foot suites with stunning floor to ceiling glass windows. Aria offers an epic cruise exploration by traveling to the 300-plus ancient Khmer temples of Angkor Wat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the restful beaches of Sihanoukville, the equally languid hills around Dalat in the Vietnamese highlands, venturing into the modern melee of Saigon, also known as Ho Chi Minh City, climbing aboard a cycle to explore the winding lanes of old Hanoi or donning a snorkelling mask to plunge into the rich marine waters off the legendary China Beach.

AMAZON: Enjoy a real adventure cruising the remote Pacaya Samiria Reserve, a protected wildlife area that offers the best experience in Amazon. Every day will be full of activities and excursions and when each day’s adventure comes to an end, the comforts of Aqua Expeditions floating five star boutique hotel await. Aqua Amazon ultra-luxury river cruise, featuring sixteen 250 square foot suites with stunning floor to ceiling glass windows, will be the perfect basis for your Amazon exploration. This cruise is perfect after an expedition in Perù and it can be 3,4 or 7 nights.

GALAPAGOS: Latitude 45 has selected the most comfortable and spacious only 16 passengers boat for exploring the unique wonders of the Galapagos Islands. Please contact us to get more info about our suggestions for this amazing destination. It could be the trip of your life! Our naturalist cruise programs include a wide range of activities and every day will be incredible; you will be closer to nature than ever before! There are really many boats cruising Galapagos and we have selected only the best to make your stay charming and exclusive as every Latitude45 vacation is.